Our story

Here you can read our story, how we began with our work, what challenges we had to go through and everything else about us and our history.

How it all began

I (Dominik Dancs, the CEO) have always wanted to code websites. Since I was a child I was doing this. First time I did some coding was when my dad taught me how to do it. I did not fall in love with it right away. Firstly it was kind of boring for me, but as the time passed by, I started to like it more and more...

A few years later, when I was older and I had a few projects done, I decided to create a small team of developers. I met my friend (Lukáš Jech, Co-CEO) and found that he was able to make awesome designs and code great apps. So we decided to collaborate. And that’s when it all started.

The present

We have already done a few projects, made a lot of designs and coded a handful of apps. You can view our portfolio to see all the stuff we did. Also be sure to check out our project portal for some great designs, graphics works or apps!

The future

We are still searching for more talented people.

Maybe the person we need is YOU!

Don’t be afraid and write us right now!